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This 'shot' stood out right away for me, perfectly framed with the woman in the 'middle' distance, 1/3rd up from the rocks in the foreground, I admire her physique...very toned and 'fit', coincidentally I am reading a book of the photograph of the 'fantasy' artist Boris Vallejo and her back and buttocks are staggeringly gorgeous in the same way. The time of day your photograph was taken has made the lack of harsh shadows and the beautiful tones of her skin are amazing, the small of her back as it turns into her buttocks is very 'sculptural', reminding me of paintings and sculptures of Aphrodite I have seen,
you have given your photograph a very 3-dimensional quality, the curves of the models' body are very 'real' and the way the the 'V' of the cloth draws the eye straight to the exquisite puga pyga of this girl is 'spot on', I can see the rapport between you and her straight away. The way her body is turned away from your camera with her head turned slightly towards the viewer is very erotic, like we are sharing something....."you can look". You have captured the essence of this girl, she is confident in her beauty, she knows we are admiring, she is sharing her wonderful physique with us. Bravo! A masterful technique, inspired location, a knowingly beautiful model and I wish it was available to buy as a I would never grow tired of looking at it....not as a voyeur but as a participant in all of us admiring the 'power'of a stunning and ravishing woman
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Teuchtar Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012  Professional Photographer
Thank you, and yes it is available to buy
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